Cerebral Palsy

Children who have cerebral palsy are of course entitled to support via the NHS and through school. However, we can help to bridge the gap between the various services that may exist in some places. So for example we can liaise with school, and ensure that the best of what is happening at school is known about and understood in the home environment. If the child has a team of support workers at home, it is important for the school to understand what's happening in terms of the child's rehabilitation program in the home and community environments.

We can train the child's support workers to provide a physiotherapeutic environment for the child in the home and community environments. This provides a consistent approach to rehabilitation, and also promotes a cohesive approach to moving and handling, which is a problem that inevitably increases as the child gets bigger! No parent wishes to think about this but as a team we have all encountered older parents of adult CP children who have continued to do too much manual handling over the years and are paying the price of this with arthritic hips and backs. Prevention of this longer-term problem is really important for everyone!

Provision of equipment to support the child in different positions is another really important part of their management programme, and we can advise on this too.

We can also provide continuity of care at the critical time in the young person's life when they transfer from paediatric to adult services and further education.

We are also experienced in providing support for people with cerebral palsy throughout adulthood, they may well have ongoing needs for postural advice, equipment and maintaining exercise levels to keep their level of function optimal.

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