Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

If you have MS, you will be able to find some support from your local Long-Term Conditions Team via the NHS. Please check this out in the first instance, as you will need to keep in close contact with your NHS consultant neurologist and Long Term Conditions team. However there may be occasions where you feel you would benefit from supplementary help from a specialist private Neuro Physiotherapist, perhaps for the increased flexibility of appointments that we can provide you with eg we could arrange to see you at your work place or at your gym or swimming pool if you would like this and it is appropriate.

You will still get ongoing reviews from your NHS team. An ideal way for us to help you would be if you tend to get areas of localised weakness eg perhaps in your arm or leg, and you want rapid advice on the best exercise/rest combination to tide you over until your next review.

We always liaise with other members of your team to ensure a cohesive approach.

To speak to a member of our team, call us now on 01924 782149 or email