Parkinson's Disease

Recent European guidelines on Parkinson's disease reinforce the importance of being seen by a Neuro physiotherapist as soon as possible in order to conserve fitness and mobility as far as is possible to do. We can help at all stages of the disease. We can for example accompany you to your local gym to ensure that your exercise program is as helpful as it can be! Typical mobility problems in Parkinson's disease involve walking, especially starting and stopping, turning and walking through doorways or coping with other obstructions. There can be a tendency to shuffle the feet, and to freeze. Falls are an increased risk and it is obviously really important to prevent this as far as possible.

We can help with your exercise programme and tailor it precisely to your needs. We can also advise family members at a later stage if the person they are caring for is having difficulty with their mobility. A very important aspect of the management of Parkinson's Disease relates to the medication taken, and we work in conjunction with the doctors and consultants who are prescribing this medication.

We feel it is very important to be seen in your home and community environments rather than in a clinic, so that we can help you as much as possible with your day-to-day routine and tailored exercise programme.

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