Vestibular and Balance problems

The vestibular system is located in the inner ear and helps us to balance. It gets a special mention here as it is an often overlooked aspect of balance problems in neurology that can respond very well to Neuro physiotherapy intervention.

Our specialist vestibular-trained therapists assess all the different sensory components of balance. We maintain our balance because of a complex interaction between the sensory input from our eyes, inner ears and feelings from joints, muscles and skin receptors. All this information is processed, and made sense of, by the brain, normally within a fraction of a second. The brain then automatically sends out signals for muscles to adjust the person's position so that they stay upright and avoid a fall.

For us to work out how to help when there's a problem, we include checking head and eye movements and balance reactions in different positions and how much of each of the balance systems is working. We then design specific exercises to help improve the person's balance. In nearly all cases this involves doing exercises on a little and often basis, rather than one long session. It is therefore much more appropriate to see people in their own homes and if they have a team of support staff with them, to train them as well.

Case managers and solicitors please note - people who have had balance problems for a while may well not report this to be the problem as such. They are more likely to report that they are leading quite restricted lives because it is unpleasant for them to go out and attempt to cope with moving in a moving world.

Ask our advice! On many occasions we have helped people to improve their balance so that they can then engage with other therapeutic activities.

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