Assessment & treatment

Assessment & agreement of appropriate goals, and then designing, supporting and reviewing the customised treatment programme. This will include training the care team so that everyone knows what to do.

Management of Posture, ensuring people are as comfortable as they can be and as supported as they need to be to move and breathe at their best. This may include advice on seating and sleeping postures, and advice on the use of walking aids, appliances and orthotics, including Lycra splinting.

Tone management, between us we are familiar with a number of specialist neuro physiotherapy techniques and approaches for dealing with high and low muscle tone, including supporting the use of medications and specific hands-on therapy (eg Bobath, postural management and acupuncture) with stretching and exercise programmes. However, our main emphasis stays with what can be done by the individual and their care team on a day to day basis.

Balance and Vestibular rehabilitation - we provide specialist assessment and carefully graded community-based rehabilitation for people whose balance problems are limiting their desire and ability to get up and go out.

Pain management - We realise that brain injury can often be associated with other serious and complex orthopaedic injuries. We include pain management and attention to orthopaedic injuries in our approach where required.

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