Case managers and solicitors

We specialise in assessment and rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury, including cerebral palsy and balance problems. We are very familiar with acting as the treating therapist within the medico-legal arena. Providing we have the client’s consent, we send you rehabilitation reports at the intervals you need to facilitate the smooth running of the case.

Do you need a specialist Moving and Handling assessment and training for the client and care team? Several of our Team members are also qualified Moving and Handling assessors/trainers and this particular combination of skills is proving to be particularly helpful when resolving complex and at times sensitive, moving and handling issues.

Many of our clients have a complex combination of orthopaedic, neurological, behavioural and cognitive difficulties. We welcome referrals for clients at all levels of ability, and at all stages of their rehabilitation journey:

Fully dependent, requiring 24hr care. Clients in this ability group, and their care team, benefit from our advice for management of their posture, muscle tone, guidance about appropriate sensory input and respiratory care over the 24 hr period.

Daily care required. Clients may be experiencing some difficulties with balance, muscle weakness, co-ordination, tight muscles and stiff joints that are reducing their levels of independence. We can formulate specific exercise programmes to address these difficulties and improve the person’s independence.

Intermittent guidance needed. Clients in this group may have already achieved an apparently very impressive level of physical recovery but may have difficulties organising themselves or pacing their activities appropriately. They may also have residual weakness, balance, pain or co-ordination problems which add to their fatigue. Our input can help them to learn how to move more efficiently. We can also ensure that any gym programmes or other vocational rehabilitation activities being undertaken are as beneficial as they can be, taking the person’s goals and limitations into account.

What happens? A thorough assessment is made of the client in their own home. A comprehensive treatment plan is produced, focusing on realistic solutions to the day- to-day problems being faced by the person and their family/carers. The individual, their carers and family members are taught how to implement the plan. This is followed up with detailed instructions including picture based exercise examples, video or other media to suit the individual’s learning preferences. Re-assessment is at agreed intervals, to adjust the programme as goals are achieved and new ones are set.

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